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Air Source Heat Pump

Kelowna Geothermal Pumps for Area Homes and Businesses

An air source heat pump is another solution for those looking to reduce carbon footprints and use energy productively. Air source heat pumps work at providing efficient heating and cooling. On average, an air source heat pump delivers up to three times more energy than traditional electrical systems. Air source heat pumps transfers heat from the air instead of relying on fossil fuels to work. Air source heat pumps have become a preferred spacing heating method for those in northern climates.
An air source heat pump from Terra Geothermal will operate on 75 percent of energy taken from the outside air. Only 25 percent of the unit will need to run off of electricity. This type of setup dramatically decreases the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere when compared to oil or gas boiler systems. An air source heat pump can be used for different types of household energy needs. The pump is equipped to work with household heating and cooling systems as well as hot water systems. Examples of products that work in conjunction with an air source heat pump include floor heating systems, hot water for bathrooms and kitchens, and ductless cooling systems.
Interested in Kelowna Geothermal Products? Contact Terra Geothermal to learn more about how we are making changes for the better in our area.

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