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Okanagan Sustainable Energy

Terra Geothermal Dedicated to Okanagan Renewable Energy Efforts

Our vision for Terra Geothermal is to assist in reaching Okanagan sustainable energy goals for the foreseeable future. Over the past three decades, we have seen an increased movement for more sustainable energy options throughout the globe. Terra Geothermal wants to provide Okanagan renewable energy sources that will reduce the area’s carbon footprint without eliminating any of the comfort we have all grown accustomed to.
Okanagan sustainable energy goals are achievable through several pathways. Our company examines the way we rely on traditional combustible utility systems and how these utilities are threatening are natural resources. New technologies from Terra Geothermal rely on energy efficient strategies. These technologies provide new methods for heating and cooling your home, generating electricity, and providing hot water.
Those who live in the Okanagan area have turned to our company to help find solutions to the climate change repercussions we are now witnessing. Each year, we see record high temperatures in the summers and record low temperatures in the winter. Forest fires have increased significantly in frequency and ferocity. In the spring, flooding has become a major issue as rivers and lakes experience major swelling. Terra Geothermal believes wholeheartedly that change is possible. As more and more area residents rely on sustainable energy sources, the damage done to our climate can be rectified. Our owner and founder graduated with a master’s degree from Royal Roads University with advanced studies about the global impact of climate change. We urge everyone to learn more about climate change and make a pledge to help save our planet.
Contact Terra Geothermal to learn more about our mission to Okanagan renewable energy efforts.

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