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Residential Renewable Energy

Residential Heating Cooling Options

Residential renewable energy products are a key part of Terra Geothermal. Our line of products offer improved comfort while still remaining eco-friendly. Residential heating cooling devices use renewable resources to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year in your home. The following products are a few options for those interested in residential renewable energy technologies.
Radiant heating is one of the most convenient ways to keep your home warm and toasty during the harsh Okanagan winters. Warm water is circulated through the floors of your home to not only keep the air comfortable, but keep your feet nice and toasty too. Concrete slabs improve insulation by providing a layer of protection for the radiant heating piping.
Another heating option is air source heat pumps. These ductless systems allow you to control the air temperature within each room of your home. Zoning is a key strategy in residential renewable energy efforts. You won’t waste money in paying for heating and cooling for an entire home. Use the air source heat pumps to better control the temperature in the rooms that are in use.
Ground source heat pumps are a popular option for sustainable energy efforts. Geothermal heating and cooling is achieved by using a single heat pump with radiant cooling and radiant heating systems. The ground source pumps are able to generate hot or cold air or water for residential heating cooling.
Ductless cooling is an energy-efficient option for residences that also acts as a space saver. Each room is cooled to a comfortable temperature by employing hydronic fan coils without any expensive and unnecessary ductwork. These products can be used in conjunction with air source or ground source pumps.
Terra Geothermal is available to discuss your residential heating cooling needs. We work with your budget and energy goals to find the right products for you.

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