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Ground Source Heat Pump

Water to Air and Hot Water Generator




With a water to air ground source heat pump (GSHP) hot water is a by-product of space conditioning. If we are taking heat from the ground and transferring to the air that is blown throughout your house using ducting then we take some of that heat and put it into your domestic hot water system. This method preheats the cold water coming into your house up to about 100 F before it goes to your conventional hot water tank or on demand hot water heater. This type of heat exchange creates hot water 400% more efficiently than straight electric elements. It gets even better in cooling mode. Instead of being 400% more efficient than conventional it is actually creating free hot water because the ground source heat pump puts the heat from your house into your domestic water tank before sending the excess heat to the ground loop.


A water to water heat pump creates hot water as its main objective. This GSHP creates hot or cold water by exchanging heat with the ground. This hot water can be run through piping in the floors to create a warm comfortable place for your feet and it can also be used to heat  your domestic hot water for doing the dishes. This hot water generating machine is often used where no cooling application is needed or where heated floors is a priority and cooling will be acheived with ducting or hydronic fan coils. Both Climate Master and WaterFurnace make exceptional water-water heat pumps. The WaterFurnace NDW or the Climate Master TBW will provide our customers with years of environmentally sustainable hot water.

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Radiant hydronic heat is widely regarded as the most comfortable way of heating the home while all-in-one forced air is typically the most cost-effective. Combo units combine the best of both worlds, providing the luxurious comfort of radiant heat while providing traditional forced air heating as well — all from a single unit.

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