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Air Source Heat Pumps

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Central heating and cooling system means that all your conditioning is created from one heat pump. This is an option with both Geothermal (GSHP) and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP). This system uses ducting to move air to all the different locations and rooms in the house. A common application for central heating and cooling is replacing an existing gas furnace that already has ducting in place. Retrofitting your house with a heat pump can be inexpensive when connecting to an existing distribution system. Ducting  untilzed in a new construction can be zoned so that you have the ability to heat or cool different floors or parts of the house individually. It can also be the most cost effective option on smaller homes.


There are many applications when ducting is not the best option. Perhaps your house has vaulted and exposed ceilings or post and beam construction. If you have a large home it way be less expensive to use ductless technology to reach all the rooms. Ducting can take up space and can be more expensive in a large home. ASHP's multi head unit systems allow for you to heat and cool one room at a time. This really makes sense on larger homes. Why cool the entire home just because it is not cool enough in your bedroom?  This system compliments a house heated with radiant floor heat because you can zone each room in your home for both heating (floor slab sensors) and ductless head units in each room of the house to cool and supplement heating. This can be accomplished with Air and Ground Source heat pumps.

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Taking heat from the air in the winter and dumping heat into the air has become much more efficient. Air source heat pumps allow you to heat and cool your home without ducting as mentioned above zoning each room without the space use of ducting. Inverter drive technology in our LG heat pumps, and high COP options in Fujitsu and RUUD brand heat pumps allow you efficient heating and cooling technology without the cost of an energy field or ground loop required for a geothermal system. Air source heat pumps have some advantages and are a better fit for some customers. That is why Terra Geothermal also specializes in ASHP technology.

Multi split units uses one or more outdoor units to bring warm or cool air into each room of your home. It makes sense to condition each room individually instead of having just one thermostat that turns the furnace on or off. Much like radiant floor heating every room or zone in your house can be set to a specific temperature. It is perfect for suites, cool bedrooms or the family that likes to keep the living room warm and cozy. This system saves you operating costs because there is no point blowing cold air into the already cool basement if you are trying to cool down the kitchen. Let us help you meet your efficiency and comfort goals at the same time.

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