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Heating and Cooling

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The most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home. Running warm water through your floors keeps your whole house comfortable and your feet warm too. The concrete slab holds the heat for efficiency, keeps the room temperature at your set point and the result is a floor that is slightly warmer than the room. This can be accomplished with Solar Hot water, Heat Pumps or a combination of both.


Avoid space consuming and  expensive duct work all together and cool with hydronic fan coils in each room. This system compliments a house heated with radiant floor heat because you can zone each room in your home for both heating (floor slab sensors) and ductless head units in each room of the house. This can be accomplished with Air and Ground Source heat pumps.


Taking heat from the air in the winter and dumping heat into the air has become much more efficient. Air source heat pumps allow you to heat and cool your home without ducting. Zoning each room ducting allows each room to have its own temperature set point. Inverter drive technology in our LG and RUUD brand heat pumps allow you the second most efficient technology on the market without the cost of an energy field or ground loop. Split units give you the freedom to only heat and cool the rooms you want. This saves money because the system does not heat the entire house everytime the room with the thermostat gets cold.


Geothermal heating and cooling or GeoExchange uses a ground source heat pump. This technology cannot be beat for efficiency and flexibility. Our premium brands of Ground source heat pumps, Climate Master and Waterfurnace create conditioned (hot or cold) water and/or air. One ground source heat pump can provide you with radiant heating (warm floors), radiant cooling (hydronic fan coils), or radiant heating and central cooling and heating with air or any combination that will suit your comfort and budget.

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