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Residential Renewable Energy

Reducing Carbon & Improving Comfort

Heating & Cooling

We can heat and cool your home extremely efficiently and inexpensively with electricity using heat pump technology. Ground Source (geothermal) and Air Source heat pumps heat and cool your home using electricity from the sun and hydro

Solar Electricity

We live in the Okanagan. There is lots of sunny days. We design your solar array to offset your average annual electricity usage so that you maximize the current net metering program and pay off your solar array in less than 7 years giving you 15 plus years of free power.


Domestic Hot Water

We can create hot water for you directly from the sun or as a by product of your heating and cooling system or both. Why dump all that heat outside when  you cool your house when you can turn it into hot water for washing clothes and dishes.



Terra Geothermal Sustainable Energy Corp. is about Sustainable Development in the Okanagan Valley. The climate is changing and science has been warning us about this since the 1990's. Those of us fortunate enough to be from the Okanagan Valley can now see these changes. The winters are warmer and the summers are hotter. The forest fires are growing in frequency and size and the spring freshet is swelling our lakes and rivers causing flooding we are just not used to seeing.

I studied Climate Change in 2000 at Royal Roads University during my Master of Science degree and I understand clearly how burning oil and gas is trapping more of the suns light energy inside our atmosphere and turning it into heat.

I am extremely passionate about switching to renewable energy and trying to get all of us moving in the right direction toward a renewable energy future.


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Chad W. Unser RPBio.
Owner & Manager
Terry J. Watson
Partner & Designer

Terra Geothermal Sustainable Energy Corp.

4593 Bonjou Road

Kelowna, BC Canada V1W 1M7

250-763-9279 - Office

778-214-7169 - Chad's Cell

Certificate in Renewable Energy
Registered Professional Biologist
MSc Environment & Management
BSc Cell & Developmental Biology
Solar Installer Course
Geoexchange install and design
Geoexchange Designer - 13 years
TECA - HRV Design
TECA - Heat Loss Heat Gain
Solar - Installer Course
Controls - Master
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