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Solar Array

Generate your own electricity from the sun by installing solar panels on the roof of your house, the roof of your shed, on the ground or on a custom designed parking structure.

Utilize your highest value roof area and offset your power consumption in line with the net metering rules by FortisBC and Maximize your return on investment

Solar Design Strategy


In the Okanagan Valley we have a Two Tier Electricity pricing system. The first 1600 kwh you use each month is billed at $0.104. If you use more than 1,600 kwh in one month the price increases to $0.149. That means that if you are heating your house with electricity and trying to reduce your use of gas (fossil fuels) you are going to be paying a premium rate for your power. That is not fair. The good news for heat pump technology is that they are getting rid of the two tier system. This is also good news for the solar industry. Because now with the announcement that

FortisBC is returning to a single flat rate system so every kilowatt you generate will now be rewarded with the maximum price and return on investment. Those of you who have chosen to heat your home with electricity can now heat and cool with the power that you generate. We can design your solar PV array to offset your electricity consumption. The new single flat rate system makes any size solar system feasible. With a 25 year guaranteed system output your return on investment will increase each year as the cost of electricity goes up.


The solar array that we put on your house or parking structure or out building will be designed in accordance with your budget, available space and annual power consumption. The customer will send us the physical address of the structure, the square footage and a copy of your most recent power bill. This information will allow us to provide you with an estimate of the array size. The array size will inform the customer of how much the system will cost to be installed and how much power it will generate each year on average.

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If the math makes sense and the customer is happy with the return on investment and pay back time we will come to your residence and inspect your property to make sure what we want to install can be installed. We will confirm your meter for net metering, access to the existing panel and your roof top has unobstructed access to the source of power - The Sun

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