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Okanagan Solar

The Need for Okanagan Climate Change

For centuries, the daily energy needs of our society have taken its toll on the environment. Weather has become unpredictable and increased our reliance on heating and cooling systems. However, continuing to use up fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes will only make matters worse. Positive Okanagan climate change efforts will make a difference. One of the most important ways we can all help is to choose energy-efficient systems for our homes. Terra Geothermal offers Okanagan solar energy options like panels.
The solar industry has made dramatic strides over the last two decades. More and more residences in Okanagan have chosen to install solar panels on the roofs of their homes. New technologies have improved how well solar panels can absorb and transfer energy into a home. Over the lifetime of purchase, the average homeowner is expected to save thousands and thousands of dollars from reduced utility bills.
Rooftop solar panels are the most popular choice among consumers, but ground solar panels are also an option. The advantage of ground solar arrays is that they are easy to access for cleaning and service purposes.
Terra Geothermal also works with homes and businesses that wish to access solar energy in outdoor structures such as carports and single vehicle solar structures. The panels generate electricity that can be fed into an electric meter.
Want to know more about Okanagan solar systems? Contact us today to discuss ways these products are having a long-lasting effect on climate change.

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